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I have a pretty vast array of abilities, interests and experiences.

And I'm never done learning.


I am a Brand Strategist at HLK in beautiful St. Louis, MO. I have been with HLK since they began tolerating me in April 2011. During my tenure, I have had the good fortune to work alongside outstanding coworkers, clients and contractors.

I have also recently embarked on two new endeavors within the agency—leading our professional development program and our product development group. My passions for teaching and entrepreneuring make me an ideal fit for these new positions.

Brand Strategist
HLK, 2011–Present

As a brand strategist, I have shaped long-range marketing strategies, developed communications plans and led the teams responsible for the execution of impactful projects. And delighted clients along the way.

Responsibilities – Development of strategic marketing plans, functional requirements documents, website and application architecture, wireframes and prototypes, and content strategies.

Current clients – Channel, Asgrow, DEKALB and Deltapine (Monsanto)

Past clients – Washington University, 901 Tequila, Rawlings, Cobb (Tyson)

Launchpad Internship Mentor
HLK, 2014–Present

Director of Professional Development
HLK, 2014–Present

Director of HLK Ventures
HLK, 2013–Present

Adjunct Professor
Maryville University, 2010–2011

Digital Marketing Consultant
Independant, 2008–2013


I have always been both creative and analytical, a reality reflected in my unconventional education. 

Since working in marketing, I have been asked if I regret getting a political science degree, to which I respond, "Why would I regret something that makes me so much better at what I do?" I believe that all education is valuable and that it is up to the individual to apply all lessons to the solving of all problems, independent of discipline.

BS Political Science
Saint Louis University, 1999–2003
Emphasis in Subsaharan African Politics

Left brain.

BFA Graphic Design
Maryville University, 2005–2007
Emphasis in Interactive Design

Right brain.


I am an avid runner and cook. I enjoy learning new things, having new experiences and pushing myself physically and mentally. I have completed more half marathons than I can count, two marathons (which is two too many) and two Tough Mudders, with one more coming this fall. I love to travel but no place compares to Ireland. I also love Vancouver and scuba diving. But not scuba diving in Vancouver. I prefer to not be eaten by a killer whale.

I also have a number of ongoing side projects in the works. Check them out.

Board of Directors Member, Social Fund, 2012–Present

Social Fund is a manifestation of the idea that when people give together, they give better. The website is designed to bring people together for charitable giving in a way that is both social and empowering.

I am an advisor and member of the Social Fund Board of Directors.

Social Fund can be found online at and on Twitter at @SocialFund.

Now that you've gotten to know me, why not say hello?