Strategist + Creative + Fun Loving Irishman

Brand Strategist

I have acted as the brand strategist on Monsanto's Channel seed brand for the past three years. I work closely with Channel's marketing team as a trusted partner and advisor to develop long-term strategic marketing plans and have worked with my wonderful team at HLK to execute those plans.

Portfolio & Product Manager

I established a new business unit within HLK called HLK Ventures. In my role as the director, I act as the liaison between startup founders, investors and the teams responsible for bringing products, processes and ideas to market. We add value by contributing capital and marketing expertise and resources.


I am a mentor in the HLK Launchpad program. In my role as a mentor, I have guided aspiring brand strategists, account managers, content writers, researchers and creatives to become better critical thinkers, inspirational story tellers and teammates.


As the lead of the HLK education and training program, I design multi-level curriculums for all functions within the agency with the help of my partner, Meredith Osborn, the bad ass HR director at HLK.

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