what I'm doing now

Here's a list of the things I'm currently focused on:


  • Reading more fiction – I haven't read much fiction since I was a kid, with non-fiction making up about 95% of personal library. I was in a reading rut and decided to break out by trying some fiction. I'm on my second book in the Witcher series, which has been pretty cool so far.
  • Increasing my mileage – I was sidelined from running for about eight months with a neuroma in my foot. I've been able to run a bit more in the last couple of months and look forward to getting back to 10-mile shape.


  • Brand planning – HLK Ventures recently made its second investment and our first order of business is establishing the foundation of the brand before we move on to developing marketing materials.
  • Marcom planning – HLK recently started working with iD Tech, a company based in San Jose that provides tech camps for kids at college campuses all over the country. I'm leading the marcom strategy and planning process before we move on to really cool stuff like producing videos of kids telling inspiring stories about the things they learned and created.
  • HLK Ventures – The group is coming out of stealth and going officially live on January 1. Until then, it's business as usual for me in addition to putting together some informational materials and a new page on the HLK site.