what I'm doing now

Here's a list of the things I'm currently focused on:


  • Reading more fiction – After reading strictly non-fiction for most of my adult life, I've shifted almost completely to fiction in the past year. I started with the first book in the Witcher series and quickly consumed them all. I don't know if I'd qualify myself as a fantasy genre fan but I loved the Witcher stuff. I'm currently reading The Fifth Season, which I guess is also technically fantasy. I'm enjoying it so far. The only exception to my fiction rule was The Undoing Project, which I highly recommend. Definitely one of my favorite books.
  • I moved – Not very far though. I moved three blocks from my the condo that was home for the past four years. I moved in with my girlfriend and we have a ton of space now. It's big, bright and feels great. I donated a ton of clothes to good causes, which feels great as well. I also donated five boxes of design books to one of my alma maters, Maryville University.
  • Not running – I have a slight tear of something in my knee. I need to get around to seeing an orthopedist so I can get back out there.


  • Leading and mentoring – I'm the Associate Director of Strategy at HLK and work closely with my sister, the full-on Director of Strategy. I'm also charged with mentoring and shaping our young strategic minds. As someone who once enjoyed teaching at the University level, I'm enjoying that aspect of my job tremendously.
  • Going global – For the past year and a half, I've been working closely with the global customer experience lead for our biggest client, a multi-national Fortune 500. I have been the primary strategic architect of a new global digital platform being rolled out to seemingly every country in the world. I've been directly working with teams in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and South Africa. It's pretty cool to make decisions that will shape the digital marketing experience for a Fortune 500 across the world.
  • Looking for new challenges – Constant learning is important to me and I'm always on the lookout for something new.