These are some of my side projects.

Patrick's Kitchen Experiments

Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. I have always loved experimenting in the kitchen and after many, many experiments, both good and bad, I have developed into a pretty solid cook. I make it all up as I go but friends kept asking for my recipes so I decided to start documenting them on a blog—Patrick's Kitchen Experiments.

Year of Progress

I have been working on a concept I call the Year of Progress for several years. It began as a self-improvement experiment but is now evolving into a formalized framework with a set of principles informed by behavioral psychology and cognitive biases. I hope that someday the Year of Progress will help other people achieve their goals and be happier in life.

Fantasy Laboratory

I'm big into fantasy sports, statistics, betting markets and how they all relate to each other. So is my best friend, Phil, who recently received his PhD in behavioral finance. The Fantasy Laboratory is a collection of predictive statistical models used in our various experiments related to these fields. Phil is the quant. I'm the analyst. Our goal is to launch our first product this fall.

Patrick's Link Collection

I read a lot. Like a lot a lot. I started collecting links to articles that I thought people might find interesting. The topics are as broad as my interests. Since I'm really good at coming up with clever names, I decided to call the blog Patrick's Link Collection. I have a more extensive collection on Kippt if you're interested in checking them out.


In 2002, I founded an online pop culture and editorial magazine called Pop-Ed with my dad and one of my uncles. The site featured articles, short essays and photo galleries. The format was way ahead of its time. Successes like ESPN's Grantland proved once more that my dad is a visionary thinker. We are hoping to revive the project in the near future.