Every Agency Should Have a Hashtag

How #hlkToday helps keep our culture safe

HLK has grown considerably since I came on board in 2011. In the past three years, we've expanded from about 30 people to about 80 people. We even have an office in Denver now. The growth has been wonderful but it presents a unique set of challenges. One of those challenges is making sure the culture doesn't change so dramatically that the agency loses itself in the process. Agency culture is extremely important and should be guarded fiercely.

Culture develops based on the closeness of the teams that infuse life into the agency. But when you experience significant growth, the closeness tends to suffer. That's why it is so important to make ongoing efforts to foster that closeness, and the empathy that comes with it.

Our Shared Story

Hashtags have very little practical value as they are typically used. When used as intended, however, they let you tap into an ongoing conversation being told by a group of people with a shared story. Filtering the rest of the noise and seeing that singular narrative is exceptionally cool. It lets you feel close to the individual moments created by the individuals in your life.

That's why every agency should have a hashtag.

When HLK launched its new website in March 2014, an agency hashtag was launched with it. The website pulls in a feed of all instances of #hlkToday from Twitter and Instagram, letting us tap into that shared story whenever we want.

Whether it's pics from Taco Quest, a photo shoot in Alaska, interns riding the beer cycle, or my friend John Temporiti on the ground after he fell out of his chair, I can share in that ongoing conversation and collective story that makes up our culture.

That's important to me. That should be important to everyone in every agency. So if your agency doesn't have a hashtag, you should redesign your website over the course of a year and start a hashtag. Or just start a hashtag and leave your website alone.

After all, you'd hate to miss out on compelling stuff like this.