This week I learned that I needed some inspiration

It's not always easy to see when you're in a rut

I'm not sure what made me realize it but I've been in a little bit of a rut lately. I recently transitioned from an account on which I've worked for over four years to a totally new role, one that doesn't officially exist at the agency yet. I'm tasked with defining that role and the processes surrounding it. Going from something so familiar to something so foreign left me feeling adrift, not really knowing where to go or even where to start.

Then I realized something else—I needed some inspiration. Not necessarily specific to what I've been working on, and probably better if not about it at all. But I really had to nail down the details of this new role.

Just Run

Not from my problems of course. Yeah, I had a project to complete but to get out of this rut I really needed to change something. So I did what I always do (at least always did before I got injured)—I went for a run. And then another run. And another run. I built some momentum doing something I love, something that turns off my brain and helps me reset.

Drink Some Juice

After that little reset, I was inspired to create. I created a few little things just for myself. It felt good to make something again. What I created doesn't matter. It's the process of creating that matters.

That little boost shocked me into a different frame of mind and helped me find the inspiration to finish my work project in a way that felt just right, left me feeling positive and hopeful about what is coming next.

Sometimes you just need a little juice.